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About me

Hey, how are you?

My name is Wellington Ventre, but my artistic name is Tom ventre. I was born in 1989, in São Paulo, Brazil.

Since my childhood, I always liked to draw, As the years passed, I began to professionalize in that area, so I needed to know more about it. My first course was about comics, so I learned web design, games and animation. At last I concluded a course in animation school. It was during this period that I was introducing to digital painting in 2013, then I become a painter artist.

Nowadays I make illustrations/concept art for books, magazines, games, animations and fine arts. I'm always studying and seeking to improve my arts so I can offer better, than it has in the market today.

I have some professional experiences that you can look in my LinkedIn:

What I'm surprised this area, is not only the player itself enjoying this job, but is having the experience of working with it and being part of it, you can create something impressive and show a beautiful job.

I will have great pleasure to work with you.

For any ask, feel free to ask me.


Thank you,